Thursday, August 9, 2012

We Are Happy Campers & Photo A Day Challenge Update

Hey ya'll! My apologizes for being so absent this past week. We went camping with my husband's family. We had so much fun. I think it may have been one of the most relaxing vacations I've had in a long time. We stayed a few days in a tent so the kids could experience the whole-sleeping-in-a-tent-making-shadow-puppets-and-telling-stories-experience. And then we moved into a cabin with the family for the latter half of the vacation. 

It was a lot of fun but I'm happy to be home now. This was our 3rd trip in the last two months. Picture taking a road trip with a baby and a couple of four year old little boys. Uh yeah a little crazy. But, we have a ton of fun memories from them that we will never forget. 

I was also able to keep up with the Photo-a-day challenge I mentioned here. So without further ado, here are my instagram pictures from the last 8 days...

This was the view from the top of our tent

Campsite number one


We ate breakfast at this great little diner. 
I had a huge breakfast of pancakes, eggs, sausage, hashbrowns, and a biscuit. 
Oh it was so yummy!

This was actually easy for me to get a picture of because I'm constantly WRITING things down.
This is one of my grocery lists. 

My baby boy on our bed at the cabin. He was looking at himself in a little mirror we use in the car to see him. He is amused by his own reflection.


Ok well that's it so far. I haven't taken today's picture yet which is supposed to be "messy". It probably won't be too hard to get though because everything is messy here today! I'm unpacking, doing laundry, cleaning out the car, all that fun stuff that happens after a car trip. 

I'm going to go back to my unpacking work but will be posting again soon. I hope everyone had a fun week!


  1. My favourite is the writing - Im always interested in seeing other peoples handwriting, I dont know why but it kind of shows what kind of person they are I think. I would say you are very neat and organised, so maybe dont show us the messy photo next or Ill be totally wrong!

    1. I love seeing people's handwriting too! I am a neat and organized WANNABE lol. I love making lists and trying to get super organized, maybe one day! And for the messy photo I went with my son eating ice cream, can't get messier than that lol.

  2. Yay to have you back Allie and so glad you had a great vacation. Love that you had "wipes" on your list, lol - its always on mine! xxx

    1. Thanks Natalie! Yes it's a must around here to always have wipes :-)

  3. Fun!! I love the pjs that the boys have.. my little man has the same ones :)

  4. Dear Allie, thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I'm having a poke around yours :) I haven't been camping in years but it is definitely something I want to do with my husband soon. I'm a list person as well and I love that picture of the glasses, it's a great shot, you could get that framed or use it for a greeting card! good luck wit the unpacking - I find that if I don't do it straightaway, it'll sit there for along time! xoxox

    1. Thanks so much for coming by Vanisha! We had a blast camping, I hope you get to go soon with your husband :-) Thanks for the kind words about the glasses picture, I really liked how it turned out too.