Thursday, March 29, 2012

Let's do this thing!

Hi. My name is Allie. And I'm addicted to house decorating blogs. Seriously. I can't get enough of them. I find them ridiculously inspiring and they make me want to do soooo much to my own home. Blogs and pinterest of course. I can't forget pinterest. The website I spend so much time looking at instead of doing. I love pretty homes and pretty things. It's kind of an obsession of mine. Let's just call it a hobby. That sounds much better, right? Sure! 

My pinterest boards

So I'm starting my own project. I'm going to start beautifying my own home. I'm dedicating this blog into fixing up my fixer upper. 

We've lived in our house for almost 8 years now. And I do love our home . Its a modest small house but its perfect for us. Its the house me and my husband came home to after we got married. The house I brought my babies home to. I could never see us moving. I love this house. It is brimming full of memories.

And yes I have done a lot of things to make it more into our home. But there is so much more I want to do. A lot of times I hold myself back. Anyone who knows me knows that I can be a perfectionist. It's annoying really. I hold myself back from doing things if I can't do them "perfect". So for the past few years I've not really decorated that much because I don't have enough money to do it "perfect". Plus I am a horrible procrastinator. Well that ends here. There are so many websites with inspiring ideas on how to fix up your home on a budget and well I'm inspired (just a reminder in case you haven't seen my blog title hehe).

So join me in my journey of being inspired to fix up and decorate my entire home on a budget. I've decided to no longer be that procrastinating perfectionist (say that ten times fast!) and to actually it done. I'm going to do projects around the house, some DIY projects I've pinned on pinterest and take lots of pictures of the befores, durings, and afters. 

So let's do this thing!!

Joining Debbiedoos party -
And I should be mopping the floor's party