Tuesday, July 31, 2012

How to make silhouette photos {The easy way}

I have an obsession. I am in love with silhouettes. When I see them on pinterest it's like they call out to me. There's something so enticing about them. They feel so classic and traditional yet so modern at the same time. Yeah I pretty much love them.

And you know I'm a sucker for sentimental art like you can see from this post a couple months ago when my kids helped me make a cool art piece for the house. So this week I decided to make their silhouettes.

It was so much fun too! They were my cute little models. I had them stand very still and let me take a profile picture of them.  I took the picture in front of a window when the sun was shining in. I wanted to see details on their profile really well.

It's funny even tho they are identical twins, they still look so different to me. 

My older boys were so easy. My six month old boy, not as much. I don't think he ever stops moving! And he kept looking at me when I tried taking the picture. So I decided I'm gonna have to wait until a time my hubby is home to help me hold him. So baby silhouette project coming later!

So after you get your profile pictures, you upload them to computer. I used the free photo editor Fotoflexer because I don't have photoshop. I would love to get a photoshop program one of these days. But for now Fotoflexer works really well for me. 

Fotoflexer has some nice effects you can apply to your photo. To do this project I decided to apply the sketch effect. It made a very obvious outline of the boys. 

Next you print it out on cardstock paper, carefully cut them out and then paint them.

I put a plain white card stock paper in the background of them and framed them.

The end result is some cool looking silhouettes. They are fun and stylish yet soooo sentimental to me at the same time. It melts my heart every time I look at them. I can't believe my babies are little boys now.

Oh I also wanted to tell ya'll I just made a Facebook page for This Yellow House! You can check that out here

So are any of ya'll as obsessed with silhouettes as much as I am? If we had any pets I would so do their silhouettes too!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Would you like to be my guest this Summer?

Hey ya'll! How has summer been treating you? Ours has been really good so far...

Just. Super. Busy. 

I'm not exaggerating either! It's been a crazy last couple of weeks. I feel like since my foot has healed I have been going non-stop. We went out of town last weekend to visit my BFF and her hubby. They just bought a new house and it was my first time seeing it. It was really nice! Their house has super cute curb appeal and a big spacious living room opened up to the kitchen. I loved it. We have been friends since we were 11 so it's so funny seeing us as homeowners with husbands and everything. We are just so grown up! hehe

I really wish I would have taken more pictures of our whole trip. (*insert pouty sad face here*) 

We are about to have another SUPER BUSY week coming up. I feel so bad like I am neglecting my blog tho! Once we get to the middle of August I know things will slow waaaay down and I can focus more on the house and projects again. 
But as of right now, I'm enjoying summer with the kiddos.

Which brings me to my next question, would anyone like to write a guest post for This Yellow House? I have never done a guest post here before but I think I could figure it out. I would love to have posts on here about home design, crafts, decor and the like. But, if you have a really great recipe or something like that you would want to share, that would be cool too! 

If you think you might be interested, please e-mail me at allie@thisyellowhouse.com . 

Oh and I never got a chance to write a post about this, but what did you guys think of the Design Star finale?

 I figured Danielle would win and I thought she did a much better job at the camera challenge than Britnay did. Her whole concept for a show seemed to make more sense. Although again I liked Britnay's room much better. I just saw on twitter tho that Britnay was voted the fan favorite so she is now getting her show on HGTV's website. 

So is that who you thought should win? And are ya'll gonna watch their new shows? I know I will be tuning in to see if I like them or not. 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Liebster Award! Whoohoo!

Hey ya'll! I am sooo excited and honored to have been nominated for the Liebster around by another fellow blogger JoAnn at Sweet Pepper Rose. Thank you sooo much for this award JoAnn!

JoAnn is a sweet person with a wonderful blog about decorating, crafts, recipes and more! Please go check out her site!


Liebster is German for "dearest."
The purpose of the Liebster Award is to help
"newbie" blogs with less that 200 followers get noticed
with a sort of sweet "Shout Out" of attention, and likewise,
a sort of "Pay It Forward" is included,
to help other blogs get due notice and attention.

How it works:
To receive the award, the following is in order:
(1)Make a Post about your win putting the award button in your post.
(2)Link back to (& follow)the blogger who nominated you the award.
(3)Pick five blogs with less than 200 followers that you feel deserving of the Liebster Award, and leave them a comment on their blog to let them know you've nominated them. 
(4) Tell the 5 blogs you've chosen to 'Pay It Forward' and 'Share some Blog Love' by following the instructions for 5 more newbie blogs. 
(5) Share five random facts about ourselves.

Ok so five random facts....hmmm

1- My hair color is naturally a dirty blonde color. I miss my childhood blonde hair so I got highlights and I haven't got a chance to get back to the salon lately so my roots are showing so bad! 

2- My favorite tv show growing up was Saved By the Bell. I had a huuuuge crush on Zack Morris!

3- I love to dance while I clean the house :-)

4- Right now as I am typing this, I'm playing with my 6 month old son and his favorite toy, a blue giraffe. That's pretty random right?

5- I feel naked when my toenails aren't painted.

Ok so now I pick 5 blogs that I love

(Side note: I also picked some other really great blogs for the versatile award a couple months ago, so please check them out too!)

1- The Blissful Bee - Her home is gorgeous! She has great taste!

2- Making Pinterest My Reality - Her goal is to accomplish a pin a day. So inspiring and fun to see her do it!

3- The Well Crafted Home - She does a lot of really neat crafts with great tutorials! 

4- House Pretty Blog - She is making her home beautiful and has just revealed her adorable nursery!

5-Jarrah Jungle - She is doing a big renovation on her home and her blog is a lot of fun to read!

So please go check out these wonderful blogs that I love to read!
And thank you JoAnn again for nominating for this award!

Monday, July 23, 2012

And the winner is...

Sara J.

She was chosen randomly by Rafflecopter's widget. She answered the question: "If you won the $25 gift card to JC Penney's what would you buy?"

some new throw pillows would be nice!

So big congrats to her!!! I will be sending you an e-mail soon Sara. Throw pillows are always fun to buy. I loved hosting this giveaway and I can't wait to do another one soon!
Big apologizes to my readers because I haven't posted on my blog ALL WEEK. I posted Monday about our tree falling and I had really good intentions to type up some more posts to publish this week and I failed! Tuesday and Wednesday I was busy packing and cleaning up the house before we left for a weekend vacation. And then Thursday-Sunday I was gone.

We went to visit my best friend and her husband. We've been friends since we were 11, so it's so much fun to get together! I do have lots and lots of things to post about so I will be doing that this week.

A big thank you to all who entered my giveaway and all that are following my blog. I'm seriously so excited about my next giveaway!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tiiiiiimberrr! (Our weekend)

Just a reminder: Don't forget to enter my giveaway for a $25 gift card to JC Penney! You can find it here.

This past weekend was pretty unproductive for me, considering my hurt foot and all. Are ya'll tired of me talking about my hurt foot? Because I sure am! I wish it would just heal. I have two vacations coming up and one involves a lot of walking and one involves getting in water. So it really needs to just hurry up and heal! Ok enough of me being a complainer.

My hubby was able to get a lot accomplished this weekend tho. This needs a little back story to it. When we bought our house eight years ago, it had three almost dead trees on the property. They were really a threat to our house in case they were to fall. So my husband hired someone to cut down two of them. But, the third one was really really close to our house. And no one wanted to touch it. The prices they were quoting were kind of extreme for it too.  I'm sure it's because they didn't want the job.

Me being the naive person I am thought maybe the tree in the back wasn't so bad. I mean it didn't look completely dead. Every year a little green would flourish on it so I thought it was ok. Boy was I wrong. It fell a few days back in a storm with really strong winds.

You have no idea how thankful I am that it didn't hit our house badly and that no one got hurt! It did do a little damage to a bit of the roof. But, nothing like it could have been! We were at some of our family's house when it happened. It literally made me shake when I seen it in the back yard. The pictures don't really show it but this tree was huge.

I also felt so stupid that we didn't get it taken down before this happened. It could have been so much worse.   

This past Saturday my hubby and a friend took an ax and a chainsaw to it. They did a lot of work and I was so happy to see the tree gone. There is still more work to be done, but we will get to that.

Oh and please ignore my backyard. I know it looks pretty horrible and unpretty. That's just one of my future projects I will be doing! ;-) One sad part of the tree falling was it pretty much destroyed my kids' water table toy. I'm just so glad only a toy got hurt and not any people! My husband kindly saved me a stump so I could use it for some kind of future project. Hmmm just trying to think about what to use it for...

With the tree gone, we have this huge hole in our concrete from where it was. I'm not sure what I should do here. I want to make a nice patio seating area here. So I might possibly have this in the center with something cool in it. We were trying to figure out if we should plant something there or maybe build us a little fire pit there. If any of ya'll have ideas on what to put there I would love to hear them!

Other than that our weekend was pretty boring because I can't get around that well. Here I go again with my foot! I'm just sad because I really wanted to do some painting in the house this weekend. One thing I did get to do was make a trip to the craft store for a few supplies of a project I'm doing soon. Hopefully I will have it done and write a post for it by tomorrow or Wednesday! So make sure and check back then to see it :-)

So that was our weekend. How did yours go? 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My thoughts on: HGTV's Design Star Color Inspiration Episode

*Spoiler alert* Just in case you have HGTV's Design Star on your DVR and haven't watched it yet, don't read this! And I also just wanted to state, I have no affiliation with HGTV or the show. And I'm not getting paid at all to write this. I just really like the show!

So honestly am I the only one who loves this show? This is my favorite show on tv right now. I love to make me some popcorn and sour cream to dip it in (yes I know I'm a freak!) and a nice iced drink and cuddle up with my husband to watch Design Star. His feelings about the show? Not quite the same as mine. In fact I know he will be happy when this season is over.

Is it weird I like to have someone watching the show with me? Yes I am one of those people that like to talk about everything that's happening during shows and movies. And I always try to predict who will win. So anywho because I love to share my thoughts on the show so much, I wanted to share what I thought about this week's episode with you!

 The final four were told to use a color inspiration they were given to design a condo. I'll start with my favorite which is Britany. She got the color yellow which I thought she did a really good job with. But, let's be honest, yellow is just an awesome color right? At least I think so. Maybe I'm a little biased because my blog's name is "This Yellow House". I love yellow. It's just a happy color. She did something really smart. Instead of painting the whole room yellow, she chose a really pretty blue color and put in bold yellow accents. Smart move girl!

I also thought the design she did on the wall was really pretty!

The yellow accents reminded me of the challenge last week of the kitchens. Isn't this kitchen just gorgeous? It was Britany and Danielle that designed this room. I love the mix of old and new. That old buffet table is so pretty. And that chandelier is amazing. Oh and of course the pops of yellow here and there like the buttery yellow door. Ok I could stare at this kitchen forever. So much eye candy!

Really the only thing I didn't care about Britany's room this week was that it felt a little bare in this area. Maybe it's just me? What do ya'll think?

Back to last night's episode, Danielle got the color blue. I really think she could have made that room a lot better if she had not ran out of time. She got stuck on one thing and didn't quite finish the whole room. It was actually kind of sad to watch. I know it must have been really frustrating. One cool thing she did in her room were these photo mats she painted to add more color to the room. You can see the photo mats in the background of this picture.

But, honestly overall I thought the room was so bare.

Which is sad because she did a really good job in a past episode of a great room.

Ok moving on to Mikel who got the color green as his inspiration. I'm sorry I just was not a fan. He has done good work in the past but this was not a great room for me. The furniture layout was really weird and he painted a green on the walls I wasn't really a fan of. Which is a shame because green can be such a pretty or fun color. I knew for sure he was going home when I saw his room.

I liked the other side of his room so much better. He also did a nice design on the wall.

And last but not least is Hilari. She seems like such a fun person! She said she has her own theme music in her head which I thought was really cute. She got the color red which really worried her because of last week's kitchen challenge. She picked out red counter-tops for their kitchen and the judges were not really fans of their color choices. So here she is doing red again. I thought she did a good job in just having pops of red in the room instead of painting a whole wall red which would have been too much.

 I didn't really care for the red blanket she chose to hang in the room but that's just not my taste.

I thought the branch sculpture thing was pretty cool, but then she overdid it a tad with a lot of little branches in other parts of the room.

I think Britnay's taste is my favorite but I'm pretty sure Danielle will win because the judges seem to like her the best. Although if Hilari had her own show I would definitely watch it too because she is so fun!

So I'm curious, what did ya'll like/dislike about the show? And who do you think will win? 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Flower Mirror made with Plastic Spoons

Yup, I made a mirror with SPOONS. Isn't it so much fun to make pretty things from everyday objects? Well yesterday I made this round flowerish mirror out of cheap plastic spoons. This is my third "Pinterest-inspired" project I've done. You can see the first two here and here

Awhile back I seen on Pinterest this ah-mazing mirror that Addicted 2 Decorating made. I loved it the moment I saw it. She has an awesome tutorial on how to make it on her site you can find here. If you want to pin her mirror to Pinterest, please do so from her site. 

So that was definitely my inspiration for making my own spoon mirror. I thought hers looked beautiful. So anyways I had that pinned for awhile and then I saw that Young House Love, Bower Power, Ten June, and Centsational Girl are hosting a summer pinterest challenge. You make your own version of something you pinned and share it. So the mirror was a perfect project for me to share. I've been wanting to make this plus it was easy for me to make with a hurt foot. My dear sweet husband (hi hun if you're reading this!) went and bought me the supplies I needed.

I used:
165 Plastic Spoons (the cheaper the better)
7" Round Mirror
Piece of cardboard I cut 15" in diameter 
Spray primer made for plastic
Spray paint in Oxford Blue

So the first process was cutting the handles off the spoons. After awhile your hands really do hurt. So take breaks!

Next is the fun part of attaching them with hot glue to the cutout. This was pretty fun. Except for the fact I got a little distracted and some off them were a little off. But, it still turned out ok so no worries!

I then took it outside to prime and paint it.

If you do this project, make sure you buy a primer made for plastic.

After my paint dried, I brought it in and hot glued my mirror to the back of it.

I glued a soda tab on the back so it would be easy to hang.

And voila! I now have a pretty mirror for my living room. I'm not sure where I'm hanging it yet, I just put it up on the wall for a quick picture. I love how it adds so much texture to the room tho. I love it, I think it's pretty awesome. Yay for Pinterest again! So have any of ya'll done a Pinterest project that you just love recently? 

Oh and please don't forget to enter my first ever giveaway! I reached over 50 followers and I'm giving away a $25 gift card to JC Penney. You can go here to check it out.

If you would like to see more of my projects, please feel free to subscribe or follow my Twitter or Pinterest accounts using the buttons in top right corner!

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