Friday, July 6, 2012

Say my name, say my name


Don't ya just love 90s music? Yes I was a 90s child and I loved Destiny's child. I had their cd and I loved, loved, loved "Say my name". My mom did too because I remember us singing it together. Ok sorry bout the stroll down memory lane. But I do have something to write about names...

I'm considering changing my blog name. *gasp* I know what youre thinking. That is just too much trouble and it's not worth the risk. At least that's what I keep reading whenever I google changing blog name. But I've been thinking a lot about it. (Since my foot is still hurt and I'm stuck in bed that's about all I can do is sit around and think).

Here's my dilemma, I picked The Inspired Momma name really fast not giving it much thought. I was just seriously that excited to start blogging I picked my name in two seconds. And now when I tell people my blog name they are like huh? I know my name means that I'm inspired by all the blogs and pins I see to make my home beautiful. And I always have to explain that. Every time. And then I still usually have to say "it's about fixing up our house". Plus when my friends try to visit my site they never find it. Apparently a lot of people don't use the word momma. They put in mom, mommy, and mama before finding me.

So after giving it much much thought, I've decided to make the big jump and change it now. My new name will reflect more on how this blog is about my home. I figured this weekend would be an opportune time to make the ol switcharoo since I'm stuck in bed anyways.

At least I hope I can change it. Does anyone out there have any tips for me? Have any of ya'll made a blog name change?


  1. I say: You go girl! Now it's the best time to change your blog's name if you want to. I've seen some grand blogs successfuly changing to another platform even with a diferent name. It would be worse to stick with what you have if you're not fully satisfied with it. So, CHANGES ARE GOOD :D

    have a nice and productive weekend

    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement! That helped me a lot! I'm gonna go for it :-)

  2. Ooh thats exciting Allie - I cant wait to hear the new name. I agree with Milijana - now it the time to change it, you are still a new blog and at that point of building yourself up. It will be fine, it will all work out so dont worry. xxx Nat

    1. Thank you so much Natalie! It's so nice to hear that. I'm really excited to show ya'll what I'm going with! :-)