Monday, May 14, 2012

Organizing my kids' room - part two

So part one of organizing my kids' room I showed you the diaster of a room my kids' had. Toys toys toys galore! You can see it here. I got rid of a lot and I tried to only keep their favorites. I made a place for everything I kept. So instead of every toy being thrown in a bin like we have done in the past, everything now has a place. And I've got to tell you, the boys are actually keeping their room clean. Whooohooo! It's so nice. They now know where everything goes so when I ask them to go clean their room, they go do it.

On this side of their room you can see their tool bench, their guitars, the zebra, their tent, and their kitchen. Boys like to play cook too! All their play food and plates and stuff are in it. 

My boys loooove playing with play tools and play bolts and and nuts and stuff. Before nothing was ever put with their little tool bench. We were always looking for the parts to go with it. It drove me nuts! (hehe. Ok sorry I just typed that out and then proceeded to laugh at myself for the unintentional pun there. Yes I am that dorky.)

I put the tools in the little drawer except for the drills, they went on the bottom shelf.

Then I divided up all the "building materials" into these little buckets their toys came in. 

This is their little toy organizer thing. We have had it for about a year. I bought it because we were in desperate need of something for their toys and this was cheap. 25 bucks at Walmart. I really really want to buy them a white cubbie shelf (sorry I can't think of a better name for it). You know the kind of ones they sell at IKEA and Target? You can put baskets or bins to hold their toys. I'm planning on buying one of those for their room to replace this thing. It's really falling apart, it was only meant to be a temporary solution til I could afford something better. 

I put their books in the bottom basket, puzzles and spiderman toys in the middle ones, and their legos, dinosours, and other favorite toys in the top ones. Next to it is their wagon of big legos. 

I put a few toys in their tent.

On one side we have their Lion King rock, Lion King toys in the blue bag, 2 ABC School Buses, 3 Balls.

The other side we have their Elmo toy, a big dinosour toy that used to be their daddy's (it's from Jurassic Park the movie haha), and three trucks.

Under one of their beds I stored their Buzz Lightyear wings. 

Under the other bed went a SpongeBob pinball toy, two containers that each hold 10 cars, and in the green bin is their Toy Story toys. 

On the side of the room with their beds we have their Toy Story table a friend bought them, with the Hungry Hungry Hippo game set up there so they can play it anytime their hearts desires. We also have a little toy keyboard and stool, a Toy Story Chair (Buzz Lightyears and Woodys' chair to be exact) and their Toy Story backpacks that have their Spiderman outfits in them. 

Can you tell my kids love Toy Story and Spiderman yet??? I know I just literally named every toy in my kids' room, but you know what? I'm really proud that I can name all their spots, instead of before when I didn't know where anything was! I didn't show their closet, but it just has a few of the "bigger" toys that I'm saving for the baby. 

Here is what my kitchen looked like last week when I was doing this. There was some craziness!

Those are all the piles of things to sell, things to give away and things to keep for when the baby gets older. Thankfully I got all that junk stuff moved last week when I cleaned out their room so I now have my kitchen back. 

Now that I have the toys under control I want to start decorating in there. A few things on my list is to put some things on those bare walls! I just kept the same blue color that was there when we moved in. It was a little boys room then too. I'm wanting to go in and paint some Toy Story clouds on the wall behind their beds.  I also want to hang some shelves, put pictures and etc. on the walls. Later on I want to get the bookshelf with cubbies like I mentioned earlier. I want to hang up curtains to match the green ones on the other window and also in front of their closet. When they get a little bigger I'm wanting to get them white wooden bunkbeds

So those are my plans for the room and where everything belongs in the room. 

Am I like the biggest dork alive that I'm so excited about everything having a designated place and my kids are cleaning their room now??


  1. Such a cute room! My house looks like a toy store threw up in it - I have many clean out days... but alas 3 kids against 1 me....
    xxx Nat

    1. Thank you! Yes it's so amazing how fast toys can multiply! I know we will have many more clean out days in our future too :-)

  2. Wow-great job. Organizing can feel overwhelming, but is a breath of fresh air when it is done!

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