Thursday, October 3, 2013

Decluttering the house: Getting Ready

Yesterday I talked about how clutter in the home really takes away the peace and relaxation a home should offer. So today I'm taking the clutter out! But first I do a few steps to get ready.

I should start by saying I'm a big believer in Flylady. I love her cleaning systems and routines. It is something I would recommend to everyone! I think she is brilliant in doing 15 mins a day of getting rid of clutter. 

But today, I'm going to break the rules just a tad. Instead of 15 mins a day for a period of time gradually getting rid of the clutter in our home. I'm going to make a day out of it. I'm hoping after this major clutter haul I can incorporate her 15 mins decluttering a day into my schedule. But Today I'm doing this Allie style!

I've started this day with treating myself to a Starbucks hot Caffè Mocha. Put on my work clothes
{which is pretty much an old shirt, jeans and sneakers}. Then I decided to put on my apron too. It's a super cute one from Flirty Aprons and when I wear it I feel so domesticated plus the big pockets come in handy! Put my hair in a messy bun. Lit an amazing smelling candle. Turned on pandora. Then got my butt in gear.

I have a confession. I live to make lists. I use them everyday. I could seriously make a list about making a list. This obsession is pretty bad. So of course I had to make a list for this. 

I just jotted down the rooms in my house in the order I wanted to tackle them. And the maximum time I wanted to spend in each room. I tend to get carried away and obsessive about small things so putting a timer on really is my lifesaver. 

I then gathered my tools for decluttering:
{This is the part the apron with big pockets comes in handy!}

Trash bags

A laundry basket {to find things I'm keeping a good home}

An empty bin {for things I'm getting rid of}

Masking tape and a sharpie {to price things for my yard sale}

A babysitter {thank goodness I live close to my mom-in-law!}

My handy list

My phone {to use as my timer and to listen to music on}

So now that I'm all ready to declutter, it's time to get started. I hope you join me for tomorrow's part of this series as I conquer some clutter!

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