Sunday, October 13, 2013

Enjoying the little things...

(via Pinterest, source unknown)

This quote is one of my favorites. How true that is! As part of making our house into our castle, I've been trying to enjoy the "little" things more. Just writing this series has been very reflective for me and opened my eyes to how many things I have to cherish.

And none of those things are material things. 

These precious moments we have with our families are really the important things. 

Some of our "little" things in life we have experienced this weekend:

Going to the library and reading Dr Suess books with my boys

Eating a coconut cream pie while watching football together

Seeing my five year old little boy writing a girl an I love you note {I can't believe that is already starting!}

Lots of hugs and kisses from my one year old son

Listening to the pouring rain outside while drinking my coffee

Hearing my kids play together 

Seeing my one year old climb up in his big brother's bed and cuddling with him

Finding and reading an old love note my husband wrote me when we were teenagers

It's funny all these seemingly "little" things are what makes my life so enjoyable and happy. And it is what helps make my house feel like our little castle.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and enjoying those "little" things you have going on in your life!

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  1. I am in exactly this place right now! Thank you for the reminder. Perfectly put. :)

    P.S. We live in a yellow house, too. :)