Thursday, October 10, 2013

Treating Family Like Friends

The other day we had some friends coming over. So of course I was doing my usual routine for when company was coming over. It pretty much consists of me cleaning like a mad woman. 

Is it just me or does it seem like your eyes get opened to everything wrong in your house the moment company is coming over?

Like you literally see every dust bunny in the house the day before they arrive. 

So while I was in my mad dash cleaning the entire house, I came to a realization.  I was treating our company better than our family. Our family had been living in that messy, dust-bunnies-in-the-corner house. 

I love our friends, I do. But I love my family so much more! They deserve to be treated better than {or at least as good as} our company. 

A couple years ago I bought some really soft, nice bath towels. I put them rolled up pretty on our bathroom shelf and told my family they were for our overnight guests to use. Then they sat there. All the while my family was using our older and rougher towels. Then I thought to myself: This is silly! We should be using those. 

So we did. And still are. We enjoy them. 

What is the point of having nice stuff in the house if it's not going to be enjoyed by the people you love the most?

I love this quote {I'm not sure who it is by}

Home - Where you treat your friends like family and your family like friends

We have some really close friends that we do think as family. When they come over they know to make themselves at home. I've been trying to make sure I treat my family as good as I treat my friends.

This is something I'm working on and that I think will help my goal of making our house feel like our castle.

I'm gonna work on:

Making sure the house is as nice and clean as it would be if someone was coming over
Having quality dinner time together, cooking yummy recipes and going the extra mile to make it special for them 
Putting their needs first and making sure they are nice and comfy at home
Being as polite to them as I would our friends {saying thank you, please, etc.}

Because if you think about it, the family living in our homes right now are the most special guests we will ever have. 


  1. So true! I'll tell you how bad it got for me at one point. I actually had decorative guest soaps in my bathroom, that I had to DUST! Yes, that's right, dust! One day they magically appeared in the shower, and my husband asked "what gives". I told him that we were now officially our "guests". His reaction was "Whoo! Hoo!.

  2. Hey there! Found you over at The Nester and have been following along with your 31 days series. Just wanted to say, I am loving it! You are totally inspiring me to change the way my home feels! Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much Jamie!! Your comment really just made my day :)

  3. Great article here and I really like the whole castle concept; thank you!