Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Jumping back in...

Why is the first post to write in a long time such a hard one to do? I never know how to start them. I use my backspace key waaaay too much for these posts.

So I'm just gonna jump right back in to blog world, mmmkay?

{this is a little frog my kids and their cousins caught when we went camping this summer, so cute right?}

Life in This Yellow House has been busy as usual. We had a really fun summer. Our family went on our annual camping trip, played outside, rode bikes, swam, caught bugs {and frogs!}, got lots of iced Starbucks drinks {ok that was mostly me}, went to some fun parties, and just enjoyed every drop of summer we could.

Now that school has started here it feels like summer just flew by!

An update on my progress of fixing up our yellow house: I haven't done too much since I last blogged. I'm hoping now that summer is almost over and we are getting into more of a routine around here, things will be calm enough for me to start getting more done. I have spent the summer reading house blogs, browsing pinterest, reading magazines like HGTV magazine {I love that one!}, and dreaming about all house related things. So I'm hoping blogging again will give me motivation to do some projects I'm planning on!

So I will leave it at that for now...

It's good to be back. :)